Wise Counsel

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For as long as I can remember, I have sought counsel from those who are ahead of me. Yet, just because someone is strong in one area doesn’t make that same person the best counselor for another area of life. We all have our strengths, and as the body of Christ, we will accomplish the Lord’s purposes when we are willing working to sharpen. For example, we have had “teachers” we’ve surpassed in some areas, so we are careful to find “teachers” to be ahead of us so we can keep growing. Then, we attempt to pass on, to equip any who has an ear to hear. In our best relationships, no one pretends to know it all. Rather, we speak into each other with our gifting. No one is competing. We are all co-laborers. That synergy, my friends, forges a godly legacy. Find many mentors for as many areas as you can and build relationships. Standing water builds problems; flowing water brings life.
Another way to put is is that the Apostle Paul told us to run the race set before us as to win the prize. A winner lives intentionally and does what is needed to accomplish what the Lord had set before him. There is no standing around to win a race. There is strategy. One of those is having many counselors ahead of you on the road. You won’t be disappointed if you choose wisely and intentionally.
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